The Railway Crossing

Morning Bulletin Wednesday 18 November 1891 p.3
There are some who die on mountains high,
And some in war's commotion ;
Some suicide and cross the tide
To satisfy a notion,
And some there be who death must see
Amidst the tempest tossing,
But far the most give up the ghost
Upon the railway crossing.

Some silly loons jump from balloons,
And meet the fate that follows ;
Some lose their breath and choke to death
Upon the hangman's gallows ;
But those each day we lay away
Beneath the headstones' mossing.
Who try to beat the engine fleet.
And die right at the crossing.

Oh, you may toy with buzz-saws coy.
Whenever they're in motion,
Or on a feather in stormy weather
Attempt to cross the ocean ;
And even jaw your mother-in-law,
Who always does the bossing,
But don't go near—if death you fear
The fatal railway crossing.

—Pictorial Australian.


From the Morning Bulletin Wednesday 18 November 1891 p.3

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