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Railway History

Federated Engine Drivers and Firemen's Association of Australasia (Presented in 1920)

Old Photographs

UK: Folk Tales on the Settle-Carlisle Railway (Craven Herald & Pioneer September 2015)

Workers Who Inspired "Three Rivers Hotel" (June 2014)

Remains of the Old Ghan (Photos November 2010)

Hawker and Quorn (Photos 2010)

Memories of my dad Vivienne Sawyer (2009)

Brian Dunnett Sydney Morning Herald Article (2008)

Australian Railway Monument (2005)

Damsel in distress looks to its heritage to get back on the rails (Sydney Morning Herald, 2003)

Brian Dunnett – Railways and Country Music (2002)

The Railway Paper Hat Don Barry (1984)

Reflections on 1903 Rail Strike in Victoria (1975)

Life of the Navvy in Queensland William Morrow (1972)

Romance of the Railway Pioneers (Women's Weekly, 1969)

Railway Jobs Open to Women (Courier Mail, 1943)

Living in a Railway Atmosphere (Singleton Argus, 1941)

A Definate Hobo Class (Western Star and Roma Advertiser 1936)

Railway Poem Broadcast (Nepean Times,  July 1934)

Our First Steam Engine - 1813 (Recorder, 1933)

Wollongong May Day (Workers' Weekly, 1932)


Jumped the Rattler (Nepean Times,  October 1931)

Clever Ruse Gets Unemployed to Port Augusta (Mirror, 1930)

Hunger March - Perth To Canberra (Mirror, 1930)

Unnatural History: Railway People E.N. Aussie (1930)

From Footplate to Forum - Ben Chifley elected M.H.R. (The Footplate, 1929)

Runaway Engine ( Tweed Daily, 1926)

Casino Railway Smash (Brisbane Courier, 1925)

N.S.W. Parliament Labor Government's Programme (The Australian Worker, 1925)

Taking Over the Trams (Courier, 1920)

Book Gleanings and Comments A Singer on a Tram Car (Westralian Worker, 1919)

1917 Strike and the Card System (Maitland Daily Mercury, 1917)

1917 Strike : Re-Employment Application Form (Barrier Miner, 1917)

1917 Railway Waitress Strike (Sydney Morning Herald, 1917)

Trouble With Trucks (Gordon, Egerton and Ballan Advertiser, 1917)

How Statesmen Settled a Strike (Bathurst National Advocate, 1917)

A Navvy's Plea (The Worker, 1916)

Tram Troubs (Sydney Sportsman, 1916)

Trans-Australian Railway : Among the Navvies (Western Australian, 1914)

The Western Railway (Advertiser 1913)

The "Bulletin" and Badger's Trams (Worker, 1912)

Brisbane Trams - Badger or the Union Badge? (Worker, 1912)

Brisbane Trams - Wearing of Union Badges (Western Australian, 1912)

Navvies on Strike. Demands Conceded (Singleton Argus, 1909)

Cheating At Cards (Western Australian Railway Gazette, 1909)

Sydney Eight Hours Day (Australian Star, 1905)

Tramways Union Formed - Nine Members Sacked (Brisbane Courier, 1904)

Interviewing a Navvy (Sydney Morning Herald, 1902)

Wirrabara's Claim for a Railway (Register, 1901)

8-8-8 Railway Workers Agitate (Tocsin, 1899)

The Navvy (The Leader, 1889 

Slow train - All Tickets Please (Kalgoorlie Western Argus, 1897)

Fettler's health and Safety Suggestion (Border Watch, 1887)

Railway Employes' Association (Traralgon Record, 1885)

The Engineman's Little Bite and Sup (Nepean Times, 1884)

Navvies Strike at Dredge Wombat (Gippsland Times, 1883)

Annual Dinner of the Locomotive Department (Goulburn Evening Penny Post, 1883)

Railway workers: Eight Hour Day (Argus, 1882)

The Navvies' Strike (Register, 1880)

The Gowrie Railway Accident (Rockhampton Bulletin, 1876)

The Railway Navvies' Strike (Launceston Examiner, 1865)

The Railway Fete (Cornwall Chronicle, 1865)

Navvies and contractors (Empire, 1865)

The Echuca Railway (Argus, 1863)

Malmesbury Railway Riots (Argus, 1861)

Chinese Navvies (Ovens and Murray Advertiser, 1860)

Railway Workers and the Eight Hours System (Argus, 1859)

Races Turmoil at Spencer St. Station (South Australian Advertiser, 1859)

The Railway Strike (Mount Alexander Mail, 1859)

The Railway Contractors and the Stonemasons (Argus, 1858)

Ballarat and Geelong Railway (Courier (Hobart), 1858)

The Sydney to Parramatta Railway (Sydney Morning Herald, 1855)

Navvies for Hunter River Railway (Sydney Morning Herald, 1855)

The First Railway in Australia (Argus, 1855)

Railway Labourers' Strike (Bell's Life in Sydney, 1855)

Sydney Railway Navvies Arrival (Goulburn Herald, 1853)

Sydney Railway Works (Empire, 1853)

Opening of the Great Indian Peninsular Railway (South Australian Register, 1853)

Navvies and Convicts (The Empire 1851)

Letter to the Editors: Railway Gradients (Sydney Morning Herald, 1850)

The Sydney Railway (Freeman's Journal, 4 July 1850)

Railways and French Monetary crisis (Sydney Morning Herald, 1848)

A Female Recruit (Australian, 1847)

The Poetry of the Rail (South Australian Register, 1844)

Sydney Railway Gallop (1843)

Letters to Editor: Seamen (Sydney Herald, 1836)

Splendid Railway Table Cloth (Sydney Gazette, 1836)

Reviews and Articles

Aln Valley Railway Fund Raising Song (April 2014)

Railway band strikes the right note (January 2014)

The Green Music Train to Bulli (February 2013)

The Blue Mountains Railway Music Trip July 2010 (Brian Dunnett October 2010)

RTBU Song and Poem Competition 2009 (RTBU Press Release 2009)

RTBU Song and Poem Competition 2009: Judges Report (18 January 2010)

The Blues Train (Jayne D'Arcy The Age 21 February 2010)

Bush Music Club: 'Australian Railway Songs' Book launch (Sandra Nixon March 2010)

Railway paintings by Australian artists (Mark Gregory)

Railway Culture: A Source of Railway Heritage Theatre (Brian Dunnett and Mark Gregory October 2009)

RTBU Song and Poem Competition 2009: Judges Report (18 January 2010)

The Blues Train (Jayne D'Arcy The Age 21 February 2010)

Bush Music Club: 'Australian Railway Songs' Book launch (Sandra Nixon March 2010)

Railway paintings by Australian artists (Mark Gregory)

Australian Railway Posters

Illawarra Folk Festival Train (Brian Dunnett November 2009)

2010 Green Music Train (RTA Update 2009)

Illawarra Folk Festival a hit with almost everyone (LAUREL-LEE RODERICK: Illawarra Mercury 18 January 2010)

RTBU Song and Poem Competition 2009: Judges Report (18 January 2010)

The Blues Train (Jayne D'Arcy The Age 21 February 2010)

Bush Music Club: 'Australian Railway Songs' Book launch (Sandra Nixon March 2010)

Ben Chiffley Engine on Track (ABC 2010)

Train Whistle Blowing Song Book (2005)

Stamps: 150th Australian Railways Anniversary (2004)

War on the Workers: Preface (Christian Jollie Smith & Nettie Palmer 1918)

Rules For Passengers

Villiers' Sonnets (1918)

The Launceston and Hobart Express - A Fearful Accident (Villiers 1916)

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