Railway Song and Poems

Australian Railway Songs, Poems and Tunes

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a) From various sources

83 Ordinary People
150 Hiney-Monoosh
The 5603 or Death Where is Thy Sting
A Ballad of the Rail  (1909)
A Navvy's Swan-Song (1915)
A Call From Gallipoli (1915)
A Hobo Retires (1939)
The Ace Driver
A Parson's in the Camp (1935)
A Railway Ballad (1858)
A Railway Concert (1930)
A Song of the Railway Town
The Afghan's Song
A Union Man
Adelaide Tram Cars (1884)
All Along The Belgrave Line
At The Railway Station
An All-right Railway Man (1903)
Australian Navvies on the Line (1912)
The Bagman's Farewell
Banjo Bill
The Battler's Ballad
Bide A Wee Bit
Big Green 38 
Billy Sheehan
Blame the Railways (1924)
Bloke in the Jacky Howe
The Border Town Railway
Brake, Brake, Brake
The Broken Hill Port Pirie Line
Bring Back the Bloody Train
Bullocky Bill and His Old Red Team
Cane Train
Caws From Crowland
Coal Train
The Collingwood Railway
The Coombell Railway Smash
Come With Me Dancing'
Do Your Duty, Do it Well
Don't Close The Depot Down
Down and Outback
The Dying Fettler
The Dying Railway Commissioner
The Dying Sleeper Cutter
The End of the Line
The Engine Driver
Engine Driver's Epitaph
The Engine Drivers
English Imitations (1860)
The Eyesight Test. His Last Trip!
Farewell Old Pal
Fettling On The Line
Flying Gang
For the Fields (1894)
From a Railway Carriage (1885)
From the Train
Gallopin' Out
The Geelong-Melbourne-Railway Polka
The Ghan
The Ghan
The Gippsland Railway
The Glenbrook Train Smash
The Good Time Coming (1858)
Goulwatown Ride
The Gowrie Junction Smash
Grand-Dad (1917)
The Granville Disaster
The Granville Incident
Hands Off Cessnock Trains
Hides–The Toughest of the Tough
The Hobo's Song (1939)
Home On The Comet
The Hotel Tout (1902)
How Do the Numbers Go? (1930s)
How I Took The Bait (1933)
Hundred Year Old Dream
I Met Her on the Railway (1856)
I'm Going Back to Graft (1890)
I Met Her on the Railway
The Illawarra Flyer
In Midland Where The Trains Go By
Indian Pacific
The Iron Steed
Is the Track Clear ?
Jeames of Buckley Square – A Heligy (1850)
Jimmy Shearer (1899)
John Bull's Locomotive Leg (1846)
The Launceston And Deloraine Railway
Lay of the Navvy (1872)
The Leave Train
The Lights of Gladstone
Little Pig 400
The Lonely Fettlers (1940)
Making the Grade
The Men on the Road
Midland Railway Workshops
Missing Mates
Morning and Night
The Moss Vale Train
Mount Morgan
Moving, Shifting (1938)
My New Career Path
Napean River Song (2001)
The Navvies "strike" with horrid din
The Navvies
The Navvies (2)
The Navvy Crew
The Navvy (1903)
The Navvy (1911)
The Navvy (1927)
Navvy Jack (1911)
The Navvy On The Line
The Navvy's Shovel (1913)

The Navvies' Lament (1918)
The Navvy Volunteer (1917)
The Newcastle Flyer
The Night Operator (1893)
The Night Ride
The Northcliffe Line
The North-South Railway
The Northern Comet (1942)
The Northern Mail
Not Your Sky
Oh, The Mountains
The Old Bush Workers
The Old Chum's Musings
Old Ninety Seven ...
On the Gundagai Line - Railway Bum Ballad
On The Night Train
On Retirement
Only a Navvy (1889)
Our Railway Men
Our Track!
The People’s Asset
The Pickers' Train
Phillis on the Railway
Platform Humlet – Percy Grainger
The Poison Train
The Poolers
Rambling Thoughts
Rail and Road
The Railway
The Railway Buffet Sandwich
The Railway Chi-yikes
The Railway Crossing
The Railway Hotel
Railway Line
The Railway Phantom
Railway Poet - Weird Work
The Railway Question
Railway Rhymes
Railway's Comin' Through
Railway to the Sky
Railways 1846
Red Light
Riding on the Rail
Ridin' On The Fruit Train
Rose Days
Salute to the Paddle Wheels
The Scab Train
Sergeant Small or Down and Outback
The "Seven Thirty Two"
Short O' My Time
The Singleton Railway Galop (1863)
The Sleeper Cutter (1931)
The Sleeper Cutters (1934)
The Sleeper Cutters Camp
Sleeper Cutting at Baradine
Snowy's Joke (1924)
Song of the Engine (1878)
Song of the Engineer (1907)
Song of the Engine Driver (1891)
Songs of the Engine-driver (1907)
Song of the Engine Man (1908)
Song of the Fettler
The Song of the "Hobo" (1917)
Song of the Locomotive (1901)
The Song of the Midnight Express (1931)
The Song of the Pen (1907)
The Song of the Pick and Shovel (1915)
The Song of The Old Rail-Motor
The Song of the Railway League (1863)
The Song of the Railway Train (1933)
Song of the Signalman (1885)
The Song of Steam (1850)
Song of the Strike of 1917 (1917)
Sound Sleepers (1922)
The Squatters' Dirge (1883)
The Staff Clerk's Lament (1918)
Steam (1905)
Steam's Up!
The Sunshine Disaster
The Sydney Train (1930)
To The Railway Strikers (1903)
The Tramway Men (1910)
Tram-Car Song (1905)
Three Rivers Hotel (1970)
TOOT for the Future - Trains On Our Tracks!
The Traffic Manager (1903)
The Train (1946)
Train Of Thought 
The Train to Slumber Town (1913)
Train Music: Percy Grainger
Train To Lidcombe
Trains on the brain
Train Song
The Transcontinental (1936)
Two Up And Eleven Down
The Union Rule Book
The Wail of the Railway Ham Sandwich (1885)
The Warren Railway (1909)
Water To The Trenches
The Wearin' o' The Badge (1912)
Werris Creek All Tickets Please
The Wheel On Steel: A Line To Darwin
When Do We Get The Rise?
When the Coal Blew Away
When we Get the Railway up to Kurrajong (1902)
The Whistle of a Train (1939)
The Wild Beaudesert Train
With My Navvy Boots On
Wolgan Valley Ghost Train
The Women of the West
The Wreck of the North West Mail
The Wreck of the Thallon Mail
Your Tool Box will be Raffled By and By
Yurin Kabi - Juldigabi 
The Zig Zag Railway

b) From Railway Ballads by "Daybreak" (Published 1913, Burnie Tasmania)

The Balfour Railway

c) Selected Verse by Chas. J. Franklin

Over The Fence
"The Militant Group"
The Loco Lament

d) Verse of Frank Brown

Billy Lappin
A Railway Porter's Job
Eastwood Fatality
Engine 1174
The Engine Driver's Soliloquy
The Final Failure's Dream
The Fireman’s Lament
"Lest We Forget"
Lithgow Barracks Attendant
Realised Ambitions
The Retired Railwaymen's Reunion
The Springwood Smash
The Wreck of the Rodney

e) From the Trains of Treasure CD

2nd Class Wait Here
The Ballad Of Janet Oakden
Beside A Railway Line
Comrade Fettler
Empty Rails
Farewell To Steam
For The Company Underground
The Gates Of 23
Hard Road
He Understood
The Jilted Engine Driver
The Navvies
The New Exhibits
Number Twenty-Two
On The Queensland Railway Lines
The Paymaster
Railway Kids
Railway Widow's Blues
Sergeant Small
The Shunter
The Sydney Railway Waltz
The Sandy Hollow Line
The Sleeper Cutters' Camp
The Perth To Adelaide Trooper
Trains Of Treasure
Train Trip To Guilford
Tweed And Lismore
The Workman's Square Deal
The Woy Woy Workers Train

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