The Railway Buffet Sandwich

I dwell in haunts of hurried men
And have for many age-,
Before the railways were, and when
The public rode in stages.    

I can't remember whence I came,
And e'en the oldest liar
Cannot a date so distant name
But I can name one prior.

While time shall last I'll still be so,
Nought can destroy me, never,
For trains may come and trains may go,
But I'll stay here forever.

O, many scores of men I've seen  
Come smilingly to greet me,
And mutter something low and mean
Because they couldn't eat me.

They tried to cut me with a dirk,  
In coffee sought to drown me :
But all their schemes have failed to work,
I'm still just as they found me.

And when they're gone I'll yet be so,
They can destroy me never.
For hungry men may come and go,
But I'll stay here forever.

Sometimes it makes me sad to see
The aged men and toothless
Put up their hard-earned cash for me,
Because I know I'm useless.

But when smart mashers happen by
It really does delight me
To do my level best and try
To have the goslings bite me.

For well I know they stand no show,
They can affect me never,
For young and old may come and go,
But I'll stay here forever.

And so I while the time away,
The King of money makers,
And gather shekels day by day,
The prince of all the fakirs.

And yet my job is not so nice,
I really do abhor it ;
But I command most any price—
The dentist pays me for it.

Thus do I labour on and so
I'll keep it up forever,
For sound teeth come and false teeth go,
But I'll stay here forever.

—Texas Siftings.


Kilmore Free Press Thursday 11 September 1890 p.4



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