The Collingwood Railway

We have got to trust our landed friends
On whom our railway now depends.
Our hope is they will draw it mild,
And not go money-mad and wild.

From what's proposed we cannot flinch,
That has been fought for inch by inch.
And don't it our best feeling shock
When should-be friends our progress block.

O, for the gift, may wisdom give us
To see ourselves as others see as,
And not stand in our own bright light,
But strive to put the expenses right.

Let us think how many now stand still
Who can work well and with a will.
'Tis shame to let their hopes be vain
Who forward look this work to gain.

Knock off some extras you've put on,
And don't put up your names to scorn ;
When breadwinners with wife and child
Are waiting till your bill is filed.


Mercury and Weekly Courier Friday 28 April 1899 p.3

Original Poetry.

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