The Gippsland Railway

A Poem by "Dandenongite"

Dear Mr. Editor, will you accept
Of this feeble attempt of mine,
In which I essay to give an account
Of a trip on the Gippsland line?
I only went in from Dandenong
To the Melbourne terminus,
But the train was the first that went right through,
So we caused no end of a fuss.

Punctually at one o'clock
On the Dandenong platform I stand,
And punctually the great steam horse
Arrives with the train from Gippsland;
But I find that patience is required
When you travel from Dandenong ;
At least for five minutes I patiently stand
For the guard to come along.

An old couple wander up and down.
A second class to find,
But they, like others, have to wait
Till it please the official miind.
I begin to think they are half asleep,
But some one at last comes along,
Unloccks at his ease the carriage doors,
And cries out "Dandenong."

Pleasantly seated, we waited awhile
For the sound of the whistle shrill,
Then slowly moving we steam away
Along the incline of the hill.
Barern and dreary is the view
That meets the traveller's eye
There is nothing picturesque to be seen
Till to Oakleigh are draw nigh.

At this station there was a great commotion,
For the Governor had been there,
And here they keep us waiting so long,
We did not think it quite fair.
On reaching Caulfield we stop again
Where men in crowds do stand,
Flags are flying, boys hurraing,
And far off plays a band.

We start again, all hoping soon
To reach our journey's end
But disappointment is our fate,
For we're stopped in the South Yarra Bend.
At last again we move slowly along,
The South Yarra station we pass,
Across the river we steam away,
But what is this? Alas !

There's another stoppage ; we must wait
Our patience is tried this time ;
Methinks it will be long ere I shall
Again travel on the Gippsland line.
At half-past past two o'clock we reach
The Melbourne terminus
Thankful at last to be within hail
Of a city omnibus.



South Bourke and Mornington Journal 9 April 1879 p.4

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