Elcar Camera Club

Poem: A Hard Road by Mark Tate (1984)
Elcar Workshops, Chullora.
Recited by Denis Kevans

On trampled grass of frosty grey
A chill wind blows where shadows lay
Beyond the road and yawning gates
The workshop for its prey awaits
A whistle howls its eerie wail
Begrudged and cursed to no avail
Machines are fed, some spit and choke
With steel and iron stench and smoke
From shrieking lathes the metal flies
The welders arc assails the eyes
On greasy floors 'neath shattered glass
Run squeaking wheels as trolleys pass
Clothing stains with sweat and dirt
Shock and grief when mates get hurt
Sunken eyes turn grey and red
From dust and fumes of years of dread
On trampled grass of frosted grey
A chill wind blows where shadows lay
Along the road the workshop waits
Pray for life beyond the gates

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