Flowers and Gardens

Hilton South Stationmaster, Redfern

We get over two hundred letters, even from Melbourne and Brisbane, and a lot of people, you'd see them on the train ... going on the train pointing to the gardens and ... I've been behind people and they've said, "What a nice garden." You know, and not only here ... Homebush too and other places where they've started gardens. People do notice.

Eric Jones

In the garden competition there's a 130 stations entered in the competition, that is right throughout the state of NSW and the metropolitan area. And that is not all of the stations that could be entered. But as time goes by we hope to get them to enter into the competition.

Hilton South

The commuters are very happy about it, I'm happy, the staff's involved in it and it brightens the place up.

Eric Jones

A lot of people say, "Oh it looks like that's all the station staff's got to do is gardening", because their station looks so immaculate and nice, but it's incredible the amount of manhours that is put into that garden on that person's own time.

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