Eveleigh Carriage Works

Roy Steel painter, Eveleigh Carriage Works

In the carriages there was beautiful oil paintings and one came in ... a carriage come in and there one had been ... there was one missing, so we decided that seeing that we couldn't replace it we'd make one of our own and they just got all different coloured paints on to a bit of masonite and squeezed another one down on top of it. And of course you got the two different styles. They went into the carriage and when we looked at it we decided it looked a bit odd to have two beautiful original oil paintings one end and these abstract up the other end, so I got them to do another two, and they're in another carriage, HFH2213 I think is the number of it, and as far as I know they're still running around in it.

Poem: Royalty Anon.
Recited by Denis Kevans

Royalty has come to-day
Royalty from far away
Who never prior trod our land
Or landed on our golden strand.

Roy Steel

When it was the Queen's Silver Jubilee we had a train in here which we did out as a travelling museum and they brought out from England, from the museum in England, a lot of antiques and some very interesting antiques. So the boys thought they would like to give it an Aust ... a bit of an Australian flavour bit or put one of their heroes in, so they cut out a life size figure of Lord Nelson. He had one eye, one arm, one leg, a thong on. He had a can of beer in one hand and he also had an identity card which we all had to wear when we were working on the train on account of all the valuable exhibits that were there, and underneath they had a brass plate made and on it they had written "Horatio Nelson, the hero of HMAS Workshops, Eveleigh".

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