Torres Strait Islander Railway Songs: DVD & CD

Eastern Torres Strait Islander Railway Songs DVD and CD

The Torres Strait Islander Railway Songs Project has been an important initiative in the continuing process of educating and maintaining the language of the Eastern Torres Strait Islands (Meriam Mir). We appreciate the endorsement from the Queensland Torres Strait Islander Language Consultative Committee for funding under the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Language Initiative Program (Region 5) administered by Magani Malu Kes Resource and Information Centre from funding by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services.

We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved, and especially Father Elemo Tapim in embracing this project whole heartedly until its completion. Grail Films have been creative, supportive, patient when assisting with all aspects of production of CD & DVD. The contribution of the ABIS Community Co-operative is greatly acknowledged in the sponsorship of the grant and for making it possible for the project to proceed.

Dedicated to the Torres Strait Islander Men & Women who have worked and continue to work on-the railways. May their legacy be kept alive in stories and songs.

Singers : Father Elemo Tapim, Victor Wailu, Potepa Captain, Renah Tapim, Merad Akee, Anemah Ghee and Lilly Waitu

Dancers: Robert Tapim, Aicey Day and Moses Gizar

Photo courtesy of: Father Elemo Tapim, Meb Salee, Victor Wailu, Morris Bourne, Benny & Lass Bowie, Francis Tapim, Nora Savage and Millianna Davey

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