150 Hiney-Monoosh

A Song by Margaret Bradford

(Margaret writes "I DID travel on trains a lot as a kid. These stories are from real life experiences")

As kids we travelled everywhere by bus and tram and train
Waiting at the station there in sun & wind & rain.
It seemed we'd never, ever, ever reach our destination
Incessantly I'd pester mum,"Is this next one our station?"

'Cause our family never owned a car, there never was a need.
We travelled light went anywhere. We'd go at our own speed.
For holidays we'd pack the old brown leather suitcase tight.
Then jump on to the train & try to stay awake all night.

Clicketty clack along the track the rattling rails would ring.
As to the ryhthm of the train this silly song we'd sing.....
Hiney-monoosh, hiney-monoosh to this insane refrain
The sound of the song as we rattled along kept us entertained.
Hiney-monoosh, hiney-monoosh, for hours on end we'd sing.
Hiney-minoosh, hiney-monoosh, the train kept answering
Hiney-monoosh..... Hiney-monoosh.... Hiney-monoosh.... Hiney-monoosh.....2x ...fade

Excitement of the speeding train, hair flying wild and free.
Soldiers packed the coridors on their way home on leave.
Big family, we'd stretch out on the seat, that was our bed.
A sleeping car'd cost too,slept on the seat instead.

Next morning when we woke up cold and hungry stiff and sore.
Mum said I spent half the night sprawled on the carriage floor.
Coal dust grit stuck in our eyes, my face all sooty grime
No air-conditioning left the windows open all the time.


Finally we'd pull in at the station, it was long.
Stomachs empty, sandwiches that mum had packed were gone.
Refreshment room was smelling good, with yummy things to eat.
If we're lucky get a railway pie, a special treat.

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