Leaving Darnley Island: building a railway

The bright tropical colours of the coastline of Darnley Island, Torres Strait. Island men bid their families and community farewell.

Voice-over narration tells of the choice to go to Western Australia to provide for their families. Historical footage of railway lines in the desert. The colours are now sepia and hot, quite a contrast to the bright colours of the Torres Strait.

Titles: 'The Pilbara Region, North Western Australia. Large earth moving machinery carves up the land'.

Titles: 'In the 1960s, Western Australias growing mining industry needed thousands of kilometres of railway built to transport ore and minerals from remote mines in the desert to port towns on the coast. Already regarded as amongst the best and hardest working fettlers, hundreds of Torres Strait men left their homes to build these railways. Their work and skill led them to break a world record in tracklaying. It has never been beaten since. When the work was over, many returned to the Islands. A handful chose to stay.'

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Anonymous said...

My Father John Saylor was apart of this & he was also one of the handful of men to stay.