Rail and Road

A poem by R.H. Long

Adventurous weeds upon the railroad stray
Among the sleepers, vagrants that reveal
How swiftly Nature such a hurt could heal,
Clothing again with bough, and bud, and spray,
And fragrant flower, this hard metallic way,
Where thrust of crank and mad revolt of wheel
Thrash out the wanderlust of steam and steel—
Twin deities that rule our world to-day.

Give me a road that winds among the hills,
Some mountain myrtles in a cloudy sky
And be not niggardly with wayside rills,
And cool retreats for all things moist and shy
And let me hear the lyre-bird's luscious notes,
Thieving the ballads from his neighbours' throats.


From the 1917 book 'Verses by R.H. Long'

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