The Cornwall Chronicle, 18 February 1865
This popular event, which was announced to come off on Thursday evening, but was postponed on account of the dampness of the walks, and the unsettled appearance of the weather was given in the Public Gardens yesterday evening Notwithstanding the disappointment of the previous evening the walks of the gardens were crowded by 6 o'clock and streams of visitors still pouring in.

The proceedings were opened by a brief address delivered by Sir Richard Dry, after which, dancing commenced, there being two excellent bands in attendance, the Railway band and the band of the L.V. Rifle corps. The illuminations were on a very extensive scale and of a splendid up the ladies, of a small but most aristo description. On approaching the gardens, through the beautiful illuminated arch at the gate, could be seen at the fountain the words in letters "Western Railway," The wind at times prevented tho highest word "Western" from burning, but the "Railway," having a substantial back ground, blazed away splendidly.

The Pavilion was beautifully illuminated in the usual way, and also the fountain opposite the Conservatory, beside which the addresses were delivered. The illuminated railway engine was placed at the willow tree on the southern main walk. A sloping grass plot to the west of that, was the scene of the greatest attraction, for within a cirle of fight numerous elegant forms supported by manly arms whirled through the mazy waltz, schottishe, or quadrille.

The poles supporting the gas pipes which lighted up this fairy scene were covered with evergreens and floral decorations, and it was pleasing to hear from the lips of our visitors—men who have travelled in many lands, exclamations of surprise, and admiration of the beautiful scene presented to their view. The fireworks were tolerably successful but they could not be expected to produce any great effect or add much to the attractions of so beautiful a scene as met the view on every side.

The fire balloon went up successfully and indeed the whole fete was a brilliant success from beginning to end About five thousand persons were present, and in compliance with the generally expressed desire, the fete is to be repeated on Monday evening, when the public will be admitted at half price. The closing address was delivered by His Worship the Mayor, at ½ past 10 o clock, and the proceedings terminated at 11 o'clock.

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