Railway Employes' Association.

Traralgon Record 1885
On Friday evening a general meeting of members of the newly formed branch of the Victorian Railway Employees' Mutual Association was held in the court-house, Traralgon, Mr. Mowbray, stationmaster at Traralgon, in the chair.

There was a large number of railway employees present, none but whom are allowed to become members, and to these gentlemen the chairman introduced the general secretary, Mr Johnston, who came from Williamstown to open the lodge.

Mr Johnston, then, in opening the association explained the objects of the society, whose members consist only of officers of the Victorian railways banded together for the purpose of assisting each other and promoting an amicable and friendly feeling between the department and its employees—also for protecting their rights and privileges and affording a ready means of redress in any case of dispute between the department and the employees.

The association is worked very cheaply, the subscription from members being only 6d per month, but members receive no benefit for six months after joining, and will not receive assistance unless they can show that they have been unjustly dealt with, the association not undertaking to defend in cases of drunkenness, wilful neglect, or any criminal act, and the society will not undertake to pay the costs of the other side if the case is lost through the members' own false statements.

They undertake to defend members in any movement against reduction of wages or increase of hours of labor, not justified by events, or in obtaining a justifiable increase of wages, or reduction of hours, or in any case where a member has been unjustly dealt with.

Several questions were asked the secretary, which he answered very satisfactorily. The order has now over £200 in the bank on fixed deposit, with a good current account, and he also stated that a general meeting would be held in Melbourne on the 27th inst., when country members would be made welcome.

It is also the intention of the association to publish a journal, giving information respecting the work of the institution in all parts of the colony. There were close upon thirty members present, and many have promised to join, others had previously become members. It was decided to hold a committee meeting on Friday, the 10th April, when members are invited to attend, but have no vote.

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