trouble about trucks

Gordon, Egerton and Ballan Advertiser Friday 29 June 1917
Trouble about Trucks. 
Comedy at Railway Station.

There are some farmers in our midst who, like 'Dad Rudd on our selection,' are ''kind 'o queer,' and think of no one else but their own selfish selves. There is very frequently trouble at the local railway stations in the matter of distributing trucks to some of the rude rural producers to get " their bit of stuff away."

Last week some comedy was provided at the Bungaree station. Two farmers had a dispute as to who was entitled to an empty truck. The obliging station master endeavoured to " settle " the dispute, but before he had finished his address to the " jury " (who were perched on gunny bags) the "battle" began between the pair of irate cockies.

"You could have choked the pair of them with 'arf a pint of the best, and lit a fire with their faces," remarked a peace loving old farmer, as he heaved a bag of tubers into a 15 ton truck. And the " scrap " went on.

A well-timed uppercut had the desired effect—and within the railway precincts the " jury " (still perched on Australian made bags) saw the " other cove " lay.

In the words of the rural "poet"—

They carried him safely to Pat O'Day's shed,
Their heads from the sad sight turning,
A disarranged " bowyang," and a tattered dungaree,
The usual happening at Bungaree,
And a fiery eye partly in mourning.

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