Riding on the Rail

The Capricornian Saturday 21 August 1880
Poetry and Trifles.

CLICKETY, clackety, how the wheels run !
Crickety, crackety, isn't it fun,
Rushing through bridges and over the streams,
Seeing the country like so many dreams !

Bumpity, bumpity, bang, on each rail !
How the car shivers through mountain and vale !
Now on the hill-side and now on the plain,
Running the same in the sunshine or rain.

Chunkety, chunckety, chank !
Bandbox and passenger, bundle and trunk,
All on the single train speeding away
Faster than antelopes bounding in play.

Jigglety, jigglety, bumpity, bump.
Crickety, Crackity, humpity, hump,
Rattlety, battlety, clickety, clang,
Whistlety ringety, here we stop, bang !

—St. Nicholas.

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