Ben Chifley Engine on track for Bathurst return

Posted 27 Jan 2010, 1:18pm

Bathurst's historic Ben Chifley Engine is set to return to the city next month.

The regional council says it has been given the go-ahead to start work preparing the site at the railway station, with a RailCorp lease finalised.

The project has been delayed due to negotiations about the display.

Bathurst Mayor Paul Toole says the local community has been waiting a long time for the engine to return.

"Now that we've been given the okay and the clear to go ahead, we will commence that work very shortly," he said.

"We will see the engine put back in its new home here in Bathurst and it's something that's been spoken about for probably over 20 years.

"So it'll be great to see that this year - it will come to a closure and we will see that engine come back to its resting place here in Bathurst."

Councillor Toole says the display at the railway station will boost tourism.

"It's been very important and obviously they're quite excited about having the Ben Chifley Engine down near the railway station," he said.

"It'll be a real highlight to the city for people getting off and seeing the Ben Chifley Engine as one of the first spectacles they see here entering our city."

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