The Union Rule Book

A Poem by J.C.B.©J.C.B. 1919

Mr. Editors,--In last issue of the Loco. Bible the Dimboola Branch complains bitterly re charge for Revised Rule Book. This has caused me to break out into verse, with all apologies to "Oriel":--

The loco. men at Dimboola say
For the new Rule Book they will not pay,
So their meeting adjourned for another day.
They won't pay a tray for the Rule Book.

At the information in the book
They'd all very dearly like to look,
But the exorbitant price they think is crook--
They won't pay a tray for the Rule Book.

They'd suffer penalties galore
They'd work long hours without a roar,
They'd even go and fight at the war
They won't pay a tray for the Rule Book.

The Union Rules they do not know.
And to the meetings they will not go;
They are playing the game, boys, rather low--
They won't pay a tray for the Rule Book.

Remember the pounds the union has caught you;
For conditions and wages it always fought for you;
So cheer up, shut up, and pay up, the lot of you,
And part up three browns for your Rule Book.


From The Footplate 19 July 1919 with the footnote "Colac. ].C.B."

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