Farewell Old Pal

Author not known

Farewell, my trusty iron steed;
For years we've toiled together;
But "science" now has wrought a change;
Alas I now we must sever.

It's over thirty years ago
Since you and I first net.,
And parting with you, "Good old Pal,"
Just fills me with regret.

They say you're going out of date,
And that you "lack the pace"
That's wanted in these modern days,
When all is "rush" and "race."

So I must leave you now, Old Pal,
To keep up with the times,
And drive those new electic trains
On our suburban lines.

I know I'll miss your cheerful sounds
Whieh I'm so used to hear--
The injuctor singing nicely,
Your "beat," so true and clear.

And if at times things were not right,
Your ills by sound I'd tell;
'Twas then I'd get the fitters in,
Who'd quickly make you well.

We've romped through many happy days,
And had our troubles, too;
We have left the rails; yes, more than once,
But. somehow we've pulled through.

I know the boys will, treat you well,
As I have done of yore,
Reluctantly again Old Pal,
I bid you au revoir.


From The Footplate 30 November 1919.

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