Werris Creek All Tickets Please

If you board the train at Tamworth and you’re feeling nearly dead
For nights and nights you haven’t felt the luxury of the bed
And you strike an empty carriage and settle at your ease
They’re sure to mess it up with, ‘Werris Creek, all tickets please!’

If with some long blighter you should chance to share a side
And he gives you just six inches on which to park your hide
When from underneath your chin at last he shifts his skinny knees
You settle down and go to sleep, its “Werris Creek, all tickets please!”

When you’re running short of “Xs” and you don’t know what to do
And you sit up in the train all night to save a bob or two
And the night is cold and frosty, and you damn near do a freeze
They don’t make it any warmer with, “Werris Creek, all tickets please!”

When up among the cow ding on the coast you’ve chanced to roam
And you get back to the ‘Creek’ again, it’s just like coming home
When in the ‘Ref Room’ you polish off the biscuits and cheese
Through the doorway comes the echo, “Werris Creek, all tickets please!”

When you make the last long journey away from mother earth
And you need no empty carriage, nor need of sleeping berth,
Saint Peter at the door will yell, as he jangles with his keys
Just to make you feel less homesick, “Werris Creek, all tickets please!”


Author unknown

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