Slow train - All Tickets Please

Kalgoorlie Western Argus Thursday 17 June 1897
A Kanowna correspondent, "Teddy Brindley," sends us the following skit on the slow rate of travelling of the West Australian railways :—

"I took two railway tickets for myself and child from Coolgardie to  Kalgoorlie. The train was travelling so slowly that I fell asleep.

Finally, the conductor came round to collect the fares, and seeing me asleep began to shake me. The conductor then said, "All tickets, please," so I handed him the one ticket and a half.

He said, "What the deuce is the half ticket for?" I said, "It's for this young lady here." He said, "But she's no child."

I said, "Well, I know she isn't here now, but she was when we left Coolgardie."

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