A Railway Concert


Things are dull at present, in fact they are everywhere,
And any fun is welcome to drive away dull care.
We Railway men have held a meeting, and each one had a say,
And we’re going to hold a concert on the 24th of May.

We will not want for music, while Jack Morgan’s on the job;
To hear Tom Newton singing, ‘twill almost make you sob;
Joe Pratt, if in voice, will sing McGuiness on the wall,
And Tommy Carter, he is billed for Clara Nolan’s ball.

Billy Smith will render “The Wearin’ o’ the Green,”
And “Dr.” Brand perform on a German Mandolin;
Billy King, in his song and dance, is something grand to see,
And we’ll have a solo on the flute from Yeatman, of Moree.

Jack Meek will take subscriptions, and insert them in the press,
And send a full account to the "Wallabadah Express,”
And to conclude our concert, we’ll have Dick Sewell in the chair,
He being a Christian man, will end it up in prayer;

The money thus collected we’ll invest at 10 per cent.
For the benefit of Railway men who meet with an accident.


Extract from a poem in THE LOCOMOTIVE JOURNAL, August 28, 1930.

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