Green Music Train to Bulli

The Illawarra Folk Festival provides a Green Music Train transport alternative over the festival weekend. In 2013 there were 2 services on Saturday and on Sunday morning with 8 themed music carriages. 

More that 400 people took advantage of this great musical initiative which is supported by one of the festival's sponsors City Rail.

Railway song collector Brian Dunnett writes about the importance if the Music Trains concept:

"One of the strengths of our project has been the involvement of  Australian Culture bodies like the Australia Council and the National Folk Movement. This has meant that the traditional Railway songs, poems and stories of Australian Railway continue to to be performed at folk music and steam festivals,  

Not only in Australia but across the world.

We are now find special music trains at folk, jazz, country music, blues and popular music events or run by rail heritage organisations.  To take this development a little further and bring railway organisation and cultural bodies closer together we are taking steps to introduce Australian Folk Musicians to Australian railway songs that can be performed on Tourist Trains and concerts at overseas railway museums during their tours overseas. In the long run we will also be investigating the possibility of overseas performers of railway related material in Australia as part of their performing tours of Australia."

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