Railway Rhymes

In spite of each smooth-spoken knave,
Post-office Saving Banks we'll have,
And open out the country round,
By well made roads and bridges sound;
And further, townsmen, be it known,
We'll have a railway of our own,
Our western interests to connect,
Cheap, independent, and direct.
And not like supple slaves be sold,
By crafty knaves for British gold—
Whose name is gammon, motto, self—
Their only object power and pelf.
A Carrying Company, indeed !
The project never can succeed ;
Whoever made the proposition
Needs a strait-jacket or physician.
Some snivelling leaguer all aghast,
In wrath exclaims—don't ride so fast ;
And know'st thou not who wields the pen,
Becomes a prophet now and then ;
On borrowed capital who stands,
And mortgages his house and lands :
All past experiences declare—
He cheats himself and robs his heir.

                                     YOUNG HUDSON.


The Cornwall Chronicle, Wednesday 17 May 1865


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