The Moss Vale Train

Words by: Alan Scott ©Gay Scott
Tune: The Freight Train Yodel

Well, I'm standing on Campbelltown Station
Waitin' for the Moss Vale Train
When a bloke comes out with a microphone
To say it's been cancelled again.
Well, he says it's not his problem
That we can’t get our ride,
The train pulled in to Minto
And committed suicide.

Well, he says he's ordered buses
To take us on our way,
And he thinks we should be grateful,
That's what I heard him say.
So we're lurching down the freeway –
Watching videos –
I hope we get to Moss Vale
Before the banks all close.

There's a bloke on the seat here beside me
He’s going for a job interview,
By the time we get to Picton
His chances of employment are through.
And my wife waits for me in Bowral,
She'll be going off her brain
Staring down the railway track
And there won’t be any train.

So if you're standing on Campbelltown Station
Waiting for the Two-Thirty-One,
And a clown comes out with a microphone
To tell you the train won't run

You tell him it IS his problem –
It's a problem for ALL of us,
Tell him you want the train back,
You don't want his stupid bus.

Or you'll be lurching down the freeway
Hoping to get there soon
The money they spent on the freeway
Would build a railway to the moon.

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