Don't Close The Depot Down

A Song by John Hospodaryk©John Hospodaryk 2009
[Winner of the 2009 RTBU Railway Song Competition]

Two thousand trucks across the Great Divide,
Two thousand truckloads of fuel that will ride
Upon the road when there's a train that can bring it safely to your town,
Safely to, safely to your town.
So all I ask of you is don't you, don't you close that depot down,
Don't you close, don't you close that depot down.

We gotta let that rolling stock stay upon the rail,
It's rolled a hundred years, it has never failed.
Don't wanna see them trucks crowdin' up the whole highway,
Whole, whole, whole highway,
So all I ask of you is don't you, don't you take that train away,
Don't you take that, take that train away.

Carbon footprints are truckin' up 'n' down the road,
Up 'n' down, up 'n' down the road.
One of these days one of them rigs you know is bound to explode,
How can we bear such a heavy load!

They're layin' off the workers, I heard it on the news,
'Cos private contractors is what they wanna use,
You know we gotta get together, people, spread the news all around,
All around, spread the word around. We must demand that they don't,
they don't close that depot down,
They must not close, close that depot down.


Unknown said...

Good lyrics & well presented, I only hope this will help change the minds of the Bligh goverment.
I doubt they realize , no that's bullshit they realize what they are doing but do not care.
They have lost me for ever if the asset sales go ahead. Col Davies

Unknown said...

I like it; being a railway worker it strikes a chord! Hmmm, strike- now there's an idea- strike Bligh out of office!

Allen said...

We lost our dear John some years ago and do miss him so. He was a member of and regular attender at the Toongabbie Music Club and a great supporter of the railways. Rest in Peace John. AD