Tweed Daily (Murwillumbah, NSW)  Thu 7 Jan 1926  p. 6.
Goods Train Mishap Sensational Blue Mountain Incident.

Further details of the incident on the Blue Mountains line show that the occurance was one of the most sensational that has occurred in the State for some time past.

About 2 p.m. a loaded goods train was running into Falconbridge station when the couplings between the first and second trucks of the train broke. Immediately after the accident the engine was brought to a standstill, while the air brakes on the disabled section prevented it from running away.

As soon as the engine was pulled up the fireman alighted from the locomotive to ascertain the trouble. Then commenced a series of misadventures, resulting, in the engine and its lone truck
bolting for a distance of 7 miles. The driver remained on the engine. Whilst hanging out of the cab watching the fireman he slipped and fell, injuring his leg. At the same time the engine and truck, the latter laden with blue metal, moved off.

The driver, owing to his injuries, was unable to regain the locomotive, which gained a terrific speed as it approached Springwood. Springwood station was communicated with, and the officials there had no sooner realised that, a runaway was on the line than the engine and truck dashed through the station, swaying from side to side. It was then too late to divert the runaway, which had crossed the points.

The officials at Blaxland Junction, a little further along the line were informed, and the runaway, after its wild dash or seven miles, during which it descended 700ft, was switched in on to an old line. It
crashed into a dead end. The contour of the line at this spot, was such that, the speed of the engine and truck was considerably reduced, and the damage was not great.

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