When we Get the Railway up to Kurrajong.

Windsor and Richmond Gazette (NSW : 1888 - 1954)  Sat 26 Jul 1902  Page 12
A Pathriotik Song,— By "Shan Dhu."

Now, old Richmond's in a devil of a stew,
And we've cursed at Kurrajong till all is blue.
We've the railway terminus, and we do not care a cuss—
Nary rail frum here they'll git—as true—as True !
Wot care we for folks' opinions on the hills ?
Richmond wants the money for their monthly bills.
Do they think we'll lose their custom ?—w'y concarn, blame, and bust 'em
Mightn't they as well come in an' rob our tills ?

Oh, they'll get the railway up to Kurrajong—
When the College ostrich bursts aloud in song ;
When the donkey pipes his eye and the pigs begin to fly—
Then we'll build a railway out to Kurrajong.

We're dependin' on the "Great O'Sullivan"
For to rout the Kurrajongites to a man.
With ths old bridge renovated, sure for people so belated,
They kin worry on without a train or tram,
Then our 'Mimber's' in the swim to "put 'em down"—
He's a credit, so he is, to Richmond town ;
He "forgets things" so convainient, and with Ministers he's lanient,
And be aits his words an' never gives a frown.

Lor ! they want a railway up up agin their dures,
An' a mighty bridge to bear it ; aint they cures ?
When our aldermen aint chary ov bein' seen with "Poor Old Harry"—
Then we'll run a railway out to Kurrajong

Wid Fitzpatrick on the sthump they think they're big,
Bud his iloquence we do not mind a fig ;
We've the infant paper wid us, an' precocious that kid is,
Of "the other rag" 'twill rid us—d'ye twig ?
Sure the thing's as clear as mud, that Kurrajong
(When it asks this railway line) is in tha wrong.
Whilst they've got a bullock waggon, wot's the good of all this naggin ?
Faith, they must begettin' "fast" at Kurrajong.

Chorus :
When the weather breaks we'll let them have the train,
Bud at prisint there ain't eny signs ov rain ;
When free speech don't hurt our feelin's, an' we trust in honest dealin's—
They may get the railway out to Kurrajong,

Set them up wid trains to Sydney twice a day !
So that all they grow 'd be trucked off, right away !
Set them up wid Pullman's genius, an' aich mod them convainience,
Wid their "local inthurprise allowed fair play"
Do they want to scare the 'possums turn the bush
Wid the hiss o' sthaim an' Iokymotift's rush ?
Do they wish to fright the dingo, till he clears away, be jingo ?—
They should claim the Federal City for their push !

Chorus :
Oh, they're modest in their claims at Kurrajong,
So we'd better rip that railway right along (?)
When the tides affect the Colo, and the ducks go in for polo,
We will send the railway on to Kurrajong

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