Nepean River Song

A Song by John Hospodaryk©John Hospodaryk 2001 

The purple noon's transparent might,
You can see her in every light -
River flowing from the Great Divide down to the sea.

You can swim in her and you can camp down beside her, 
And in big boat or canoe seek her secrets you won't find them, 
And watch her waters from the hills far above her - 
A silken ribbon winding through a dancing girl's hair.

This river's a friend, a lover, wife,
She'll be your companion throughout your life,
From the gorges deep and rocky to the peaceful plains.

Cars and trains across the bridge and towns have sprung up along her,
Dams and weirs and broken banks - none can claim her.
A picnic and some kids with kites - now that's more like it:
River flowing from the wilderness to the city's farthest roads.

Spirit river through Dharuk land,
Their middens hidden in the stones and sand - 
River flowing from the Dreamtime to the present day.

Cicada summer glistens on the lowlands,
Black thunderclouds ride the ridges of the mountains,
And she's miles wide, like any lake, meeting the ocean -
River flowing through the heart and through the soul.

The purple noon's transparent might,
You have seen her in every light -
Still glides the stream and shall forever glide.

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