Three Rivers Hotel

A Song by Stan Coster

It’s Thiess Brothers camp on the banks of the Star
Where men from all nations and walks of life are
And it’s funny to listen to the stories they tell
Every night ’round the bar in Three Rivers Hotel

There’s Wesley the barman and young Irish Joe
Serving the booze and collecting the dough
What a stir they would cause if they ever should tell
All the secrets they’ve learned in Three Rivers Hotel

And if you listen to the bosses when the night’s gettin’ late
On the progress they’re makin’ the best in the state
They’d finish this line and this maint’ nance as well
If they worked like they bragged in Three Rivers Hotel

When this job is finished we’ll pack up and go
To another construction still chasing big dough
But wherever I wander my memory will dwell
On those happy days in Three Rivers Hotel


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