The Northcliff Line

A Song by Alex Hood©Alex Hood 1955

Now, they told me at home that it would be best
To work on the railway in the West
So I got me a job from Perth at the time
Workin' on the Northcliff Line

Oh! the Northcliff Line, wasn't it a swine
When the sun came out and began to shine
And the March flies swarmed and began to dine
Workin' on the Northcliff Line

I'd seen the navvies leaning on their tools
As the trains rolled by, I thought they're no fools
I'd be happy to follow all their rules
Workin' on the Northcliff Line

But I found out when I got to town
There was no time to put tools down
There was only one train a day
3 a.m. on the Northcliff Line

The foreman was a mean tough man
To wear us out he had a plan
Replace 8 sleepers a day if you can
or I'll sack you on the Northcliff Line

8 sleepers a day, dig out and replace,
We blistered our hands to keep up the pace
With that foreman raging all over the place
"cursing" on the Northcliff Line

One day we were working around lunch time
Using crowbars to straighten the line
When the foreman kicked me up the behind
"You're bludgin' on the Northcliff Line"

Now Lofty had travelled for many a mile,
A Dutchman he, with a ready smile,
But he flattened that foreman in the very best style,
And we tramped it from the Northcliff Line

Oh the Northcliff line, wasn't it a swine
I hope you can learn from this little rhyme,
How we got together, just in time,
And we snatched it on the Northcliff Line

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