Hands Off Cessnock Trains

A Poem by C. Nelson

They're going to cut several trains out
Upon the Cessnock line
That have run for fourty years
To Newcastle "dead" on time.

The excuse is they're not paying
"Please dont make us laugh!"
That tale's a contradiction-
To events that have gone past

For way back in the "depression"
When most of us had nix
You could travel to the "Big Smoke"
And return for two and six.

"My word how times have changed"
But how's your memory?
Don't forget the fares have trebled
Since the days of 1933.

I recall when trains ran empty
From Cessnock town and back
Yet they still maintained the service
And kept all schedules intact.

So what is behind all this
Why dontt they play the game?
For I'm afraid there will be trouble
If they take off those Cessnock trains.


From Jock Graham's "Secret Folio of Old Left Song Texts" - probably mid 1950s. Jock was a well known miners' poet.

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