Rambling Thoughts

A poem by Y. E. C.

In times gone past were battles fought,.
And leaders gained renown ;
Some died in blood, as death they sought.
To gain a warrior's crown.

But nobler times are times of peace,
When bloody war's unknown,
And nations strive in peaceful arts,
And sing industry's song.

How oft have poets made their songs,
And praised men to the sky,
Who weltered in their brother's blood
And million lives run dry.

Oh, poets, sing some joyful songs
Of glorious victories won ;
Sing of nations all united
Who live and love as one.

Sing of the wondrous telegraph,
Which brings with lightning speed
News from remotest nations,
That all who wish may read.

Sing of the thousand spinning mills,
Which weave a tiny thread,
And weave over countless thousands
All by industry's tread.

Sing of the monster palaces
That glide across the sea,
With thousands of brother families
To homes of liberty.

Sing of grand locomotive engines
Which o'errun the fleetest steed,
And which easeth men of burdens
Without pain of labour's tread.

Oh, may science onward progress,
And peace reign in every land ;
Soon may all nations be as one,
A noble brothers band.


From the Bacchus Marsh Express (Vic) Saturday 14 May 1870 p. 4.

Y. E. C.
Blackwood, April 22, 1870.

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