Our First Steam Engine - 1813

Recorder  Monday 17 July 1933 p. 3.

Australia's first steam engine arrived in Sydney on June 11, 1813, 120 years ago. It had been shipped to the colony by John Dickson, an engineer and millwright, who arrived toward the end of the year as a free settler.

In addition to 3000 acres granted him outside the city, Dickson given 15 acres on the west side of George street, south of Liverpool street.

This land extended to the stream at the head of Cockle Bay (now Darling Harbor), and on its banks
Dickson erected his mills for sawing timber and grinding grain.

The steam engine gave him a definite advantage over his competitors, who could only grind grain by means of windmills, and it was not until many years later that other steam engines were imported.

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