The Sunshine Disaster

He was driving a Bendigo engine,
The train was running all right,
It was going along as usual,
Till Sunshine came in sight,
He put on his brakes and he whistled,
For the signal was against the train,
He applied his brakes for emergency,
But alas ‘twas all in vain.

If those trains had only run,
As they should, their proper time,
There wouldn’t have been a disaster,
At a place they call Sunshine.
If those brakes had only held
As they did a few hours before,
There wouldn’t have been a disaster.
And a death-roll of forty-four.

The doctors and nurses arrived there,
And the sight it caused them pain,
To see all the wounded and dying,
In the wreck of that fateful train,
The people of Sunshine ne’er faltered,
But assisted with all their power,
To help the doctors and nurses,
In that awful and painful hour.


Collected and arranged by Ron Edwards from Bill Leonard, Lappa Junction, Qld., 1966. A
third verse was collected by Ron Edwards and Allen Jenkins from Frank Evans, Mareeba, Qld, 1966.

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