Railway to the Sky

A song by Jim Low©Jim Low 2013

Engineer John Witton planned a railway to the sky
No money for a tunnel so a zig zag line he'd try
To bring a train up Lapstone Hill across the mountains blue
He started with an idea and worked to make it true

For he's going to build a railway he's going to build it high
He's going to build a railway to the sky

Across the Knapsack Gully a viaduct the way
A mighty sandstone structure which still stands proud today
Then on to meet the first points reverse the middle road
And upwards past the second points the trains would haul their loads

The zig zag line he worked on cut in this hill of stone
When it was completed it soon became well known
Excited sounds of travellers as they began the rise
Below the sweeping easterly view as far as Sydney lies

The iron horse could now ascend where once the bullock dray
Began the steep and tiring climb along the Cox's Way
Across these rugged mountains and then for to places new
Remember those like Witton they helped to make it true


Many thanks to Jim Low for permission to add this song to the Australian Railway Songs research archive. It's one of 18 songs on his 2013 CD "Across the Blue Mountains" Catalogue Number RRR59

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