Phillis on the Railway

Will you come with me my Phillis dear
Down to the old Tamar's side,
And we'll get on the railway
To Deloraine we'll ride!

All other countries go by steam.
They'll soon trip up our heels,
We must have something faster dear,
Than our old wagon wheels.

When everyone had wagons love,
And travelled like a snail,
We kept our place in commerce then,
But now we want the rail.

I think the lne will go ahead,
And prove a first-rate job,
Which will be a feather in the cap
Of Overend and Robb.*

Folks said it would take seven years,
Before the works would end,
Do you believe it Phillis dear,
With Robb and Overend?

We've received their hospitality,
Which was really bona fide,
So we'll jump on the wagon,
And we'll take a ride.


*The contractors

Taken from Patsy Adam Smith's Romance of Australian Railways (1973). According to her note it was 'another famous song sung by Mr J. H. Melvyn at the opening of the Launceston and Deloraine railway in 1871.' It is a parody on Wait for the Wagon.

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