The Northern Comet

Here's to the 'Northern Comet'!
Its wheels so smooth and square:
With every frantic puff
Hot cinders scorch your hair.

Here's to the 'Northern Comet'!
All grades it makes in high;
And when it is going downhill,
You 'II swear it's going to fly.

Here's to the 'Northern Comet'!
With its berth floor high and bare,
Persistent swaying bouncing
Makes sleeping fitful and rare.

Here's to the 'Northern Comet'!
It usually arrives on time,
But the days it takes to get there -
Brother - it's really a crime!

Here's to the 'Northern Comet'!
It stops so frequently
So the engineer and fireman
Can boil a billy of tea.

Here's to the Comet's whistle,
With its squeaky high-pitched key,
Mocking the dingo's howl
As it toots so merrily.

To those who haven't ridden it, - DON'T.
Take it from one who knows:
Take a truck, a camel, or a mule -
For the Comet is full of woes.


Written by Frank S Falco (1942)

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