Adelaide Tram Cars

Tune Rolling Home

I love an outing, a jolly, jolly outing;
I love an outing as I love my life.
I only happy am, when upon the tram;
With pipe and friend, I quickly send
Away all care and strife.
O, we are so bright and free,
And many funny sights we see
When joining in a glee,
As we go out to roam.


To the North or the South we'll go, boys,
And we'll sing all the way as go, boys,
Happy as the light of days, boys,
When we go out to roam.

Th' Salvation Army passes
With their Hallelujah Lasses;
And although it all a farce is, it amuses me.
I wish them in the moon,
They sing so out of tune,
And, with "Blood and Fire” I never could agree.

I think a girl is better at a mangle,
Than marching to the cymbals and triangle,
And running after every new fangle,
Or out at night to roam.


Foot-ballers on the car, a merry crew they are,
And in the cause of charity are ever kind.
When we take the poll, may they all make a goal.
Th' Dei'l take the last who makes a behind.
Although very rough in play,
None kindlier than they ;
But there'll be the Dei’l to pay
If we're late in rolling home.



From The Colonial Songster (3) 35 1884. No indication of author or original printer.

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