Casino Railway Smash

The Brisbane Courier Thursday 2 April 1925 p.18


The work of clearing up the line in connection with the railway smash at Coombell is nearly completed. A temporary loop line, nine chains long, has been built round the wreck. Traffic was unimpeded yesterday. J. Gleeson, 38 years of age, the driver, came about a month ago from Werris Creek. His body is being taken to Sydney. Herbert Curnow, the fireman, had only been married three months. His body is being taken to Newcastle.

A heavy breakdown crane is arriving from Hamilton to lift the engine, which weighs 70 tons. Eight out of the ten trucks left the rails besides the engine and tender. The permanent way was badly torn up.

The driver was thrown clear of the line; but the contents of an 11-ton truck of chaff were tilted at an angle of 45 degrees, and fell on him. He appeared to have been smothered, as no injuries were visible, except slight abrasions on the legs.

The fireman, when he fell off, appeared to have been dragged along the line, as the body was found between the rails, 40 yards from the engine. The top of the head at the level of the eyebrows, was cut clean off, and the body was severely injured.


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