Song of the Railway League

Launceston Examiner Thursday 24 September 1863 p.2


Hurrah for the Railway ! the Railway for ever !
Let this be the burden and tone of our song,
Let us join heart and hand, and each vow we will never
Desist from the strife till we forcibly sever
The bonds of injustice, oppression, and wrong.

Hark ! tis the trumpet " to arms" loudly sounding ;
Our emblem the bright Northern Star shall be ;
Sons ot the North, with hearts nobly bounding,
Rise at the call, and banner surrounding,
Strike for the rail and prosperity.

Come, flock to our standard, the right's on our side,
And right, joined with might, must in time pre-vale ;
We'll stand by each other, and fight side by side,
Nor cease till at last we triumphantly ride
Behind the steam horse on the iron rail.

With hand joined in hand, not with shoulder to shoulder,
Press onward, determined to conquer or die,
Press earnestly on, at each step growing border,
And let not our hearts for one moment grow colder,
'Till triumph as proud standard floats gaily on high

'Tis for justice we strive, come then let us render
Our aid to uphold her right manfully !
With strong arms and bold hearts we unite to defend her,
Let this be our motto then," no surrender,"
And let our watchword be victory.

A. N. Westbury

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