Come With Me Dancing

A song by John Hospodaryk©John Hospodaryk 2007

Come with me dancin'
I'll meet you round five
We'll be dancin' the waltz
We'll be dancin' the jive
Slow rhythm and quick step
An old horn-pipe or two
Come with me dancin',
Love to be dancin' with you,

We'll walk to the station, 'cos you gotta get there by train,
I'll take my umbrella 'cos it looks like rain.
It's on at that tin hall owned by the CWA,
And the band's from the Big Smoke, they've sure come a long way.

Fiddle and accordion fill up th hall,
As does the piano that stands 'gainst the wall;
It's a little bit out of tune, some of the keys they sound damp,
But nobody gives a damn as their dancing feet stamp.

I'm so glad to be with you on the way to the dance,
When you walked by the other day, I just took my chance.
And when you said that you'd go with me I felt weak in the knees.
Do you remember the words I said? I said to you , Please...

Come with me dancin', I'd love to be there with you,
I been meanin' to ask you for the last week or two.
It's gunna be a big turn-out, just wait and see,
You would honour me deeply if you'd accompany me.


From John's 2007 album 'Railway's Coming Through', where he writes

"When I performed at the National Railway Heritage Conference  in Tamworth NSW in 2005, among the lectures delivered was one by Rosslyn Young of the Bush Music Club called 'Dancing Along the Line', which explored the vital role played by rail transport in helping European settlers bring their dance and music traditions to communities across Australia. This song is about those country dances and the trains that brought people and their music together there."

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