Navvies Strike at Dredge Wombat

Gippsland Times Monday 23 July 1883
(To the Editor of the Gippsland Times.)

SIR,—I beg space in the columns of your valuable paper, to make a few remarks concerning the recent strike of the navvies at the dredge Wombat. In the first place the men only ask a fair and just remuneration for their services, that is, full time in the event of rough and stormy weather.

Now, I maintain that is not too much for any man to ask for, as the men I hear, and can certify are put to a considerable expense in getting equipped for the work, in the shape of tents, oilskins, &c., and then they have to be at the loss through any breakage on the dredge or steamer in connexion.

Since the strike the dredge has been idle with the exception of a few hours work, and the steamer has been waiting at the wharf for men, but I hear hardly any have turned up. The old hands are told they are wanted no longer, the result being the dredge cannot go on with a very valuable work, and the ex- penses I hear in connexion with it are about two pounds (£2) every idle hour.

I think it is a great shame and waste of public money just for the sake of a few shillings to a few struggling navvies. Such neglect as this ought not to pass un- noticed, or if so the country will soon be in a very deplorable state. Apologising for occupying space in your columns,
I am, yours truly,

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