"The Militant Group"

A Poem by Chas. J. Franklin

You've heard of Bill Maggs, a driver by trade,
And his wife, Mrs. Maggs, of the gossip brigade,
She had Bill in hand, Bill was only a dupe,
Until he joined up with the Militant Group.

Mrs. Maggs said, "My friend you won't believe it I know,
But Bill is as different as chalk is from dough,
He used to be only a mug and a coot,
Before he joined up with the Militant Group.

He talks about "Walk Out" and "Action" and "Strike",
And shooting the Bastards when he gets off his bike,
He eats his meat raw and won't look at soup,
Since he's joined up with the Militant Group.

The kids get the wind-up and run to their Ma,
And say, "What the bloody hell's gone wrong with Pa?"
The dog's done a bunk, and the cat loops the loop,
When he gets home from a night with the Militant Group.

He sings "The Red Flag" and gives the salute,
And tries to make speeches—Oh, Christ he's a beaut!
I've got to listen to the bloody galoot,
I wish him in hell with the Militant Group.

When he gets home at night, before I know what he's at,
He just bowls me over and "A'hem — like that,
Mrs. Screw, let me tell you, I'm frightened to stoop!
Since Bill has joined up with the Militant Group.

Mind you, I believe in much what they do,
I think a group's needed, don't you, Mrs. Screw?
Like the Belchies in Russia, on the master they'll swoop,
When they get properly going in the Militant Group.

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