Fettler's suggestion

Border Watch Saturday 4 June 1887 p.2 
A CORRESPONDENT writing, to the Register, makes the following suggestion :—" Quite recently you reported that the express engine had broken down near Border Town, but fortunately another was available and delay was consequently brief. From Border Town to Coonalpyn is a 75-mile run, Supposing a similar accident were to happen midway, Imagine the delay !—the suspense to friends of passengers, who could for hours know nothing but that from some cause the train had not arrived, inasmuch as I presume the only mode of communication would be by some one proceeding to nearest fettler's hut, procuring a trolly, and working their passage—perhaps against a head wind—to nearest telegraph station, i.e., Border Town or Coonalpyn. Or in case of a more serious accident, the delay perforce might possibly mean death to many whom timely help would save. To destroy the possibility of such delay, I would respectfully suggest to the ' powers that be,' the placing of a telegraphic instrument at Tintinarra, 25 miles from Coonalpyn, a second at Mount Monster, equidistant 25 miles from Tintinarra and Border Town, thus dividing this " long run" into three sections. Then, in the event of an accident aid could speedily be obtained from either side of the line. The only expense would be first cost of instrument ana teaohing two head-fettlers telegraphy. Or, if this be too costly, would not telephones answer ? I certainly advocate telegraphy. But In either case the cost would be a mere bagatelle—and should not be considered—in comparison to that of a, five or six hours' delay in the event of a serious accident, from which may Heaven forfend us."

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