Bide A Wee Bit

The Argus Tuesday 1 May 1849 p.4

Select Poetry.

That the warld aye keeps turning, philosophers say,
And naething maun stand still's the rule o' the day;
When things canna get waur, Tam, 'tis folly to fret,
They'll turn and get better, Tam—bide a wee bit ;

They may smoor up the ingle, to keep down the lowe
O' knowledge ; but yinde get it into the paw,
How it gathers and smudges, until it's ower bet,
Then it bursts wi' a fury, Tam !—bide a wee bit.

The langer we live, the mair strange sights we see,
Is an auld farrant proverb—what's mair, 'tis nae lee !
For wiser and wiser we ilka day get,
Till we make the warld better, Tam—bide a wee bit.

They may cry against steam, as a curse to the land,
And rail against railways they canna withstand ;
But they will be a blessing, I'll wager you yet,
To them that come after us—bide a wee bit!

There's plenty o' room in this warld for us a',
If the great folk wad britherly look on the sma';
Or worth, 'stead o' wealth, in true value was set,
As it will by and bye be, Tam—bide a wee bit,

Auld notions are wearing awa like the snaw,
Education's bright sun, Tam, is making a thaw ;
And seed has been sawn, and the soil, where it lit,  
Will bring forth its noble fruits—bide a wee bit.

'Tis coming! 'tis coming ! though slow, it is sure:
'Tis lighting the city, the wild glen, and muir !
By our aid, we the sooner this blessing may get,
But we canna retard it, Tam—bide a wee bit !

J. Furgusson.

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