The Song of the Midnight Express

Sunday Times [Perth] Sunday 4 January 1931

Puff! Puff! Rattle and bang,
Off I go with a noisy clang!
I roar through the valley and over the hill,
Round by the lake and the old ruined mill
Through darksome tunnels and meadows fair.
On, and on through the clear fight air.
King of the rails, as faster I fly.
Ghostly hedges and trees dash by.
Onward I rush, speeding along,
Joyfully singing my railway song.
Slower . . . the end of my journey has come,
The lights of the station shine clear through the gloom.
Puff! Puff! with a hollow clang,
Dies the last sound of the song I sang.

Sent in by COLIN WRAHAM, Kellerberrin.

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