Railway Voices CD

Railway Voices is a CD with 29 tracks, using parts of the songs and poems from the "Trains of Treasure" exhibition panels to link interviews with rail union activists from the post-war generation. It tells the story of Australian railways from convict days at Port Arthur to the 1999 Glenbrook fatal train crash.

Select a track:

Convict Power
Early Openings
The Navvies
The Northern Links
The Night Operator
Second Class Wait Here
Early Workshops
The Sleeper Cutters Camp
1917 Strike
The Twenties
The Depression
The War Effort
Post War Expansion
He Understood
Fairwell to Steam
Save Public Transport
Our Railwaymen
Wormen Railway Workers
I Am Me (Migrant Workers)
Railway Kids
Flowers And Gardens
Elcar Camera Club
Everleigh Carriage Works
On The Queensland Railway Lines
Union Journals
The Future

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