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Stan Jones

During the period of the thirties the shop committee movement produced its own paper. It used to come out once a month. It was financed by donations from workers on the job. The name of it was Magnet. In addition to the Magnet, use was also made of the journal of the Australian Railways Union, Railroad, and there were political and industrial campaigns waged in its columns as well.

Louis Cavaliere official, NSW Branch, ARU, now retired

At the moment I'm printing a booklet, called the Informations Service, that's to be translated in twelve languages, for ... for the members, and also we are going to publicise articles in twelve languages in our journal. It's already started since '77, it will continue for the next, for the next ten years, we hope.

Poem: Anon, recited by Denis Kevans

I joined the union years ago
I've no cause to regret it
The only friend of the working man
Don't you ever forget it.

Henry McCarthy

I think there are several trade unions in Australia now employ professional journalists. You see, what they're up against in this country is the very tight control of the media, in the hands of three people. What the trade unions need is not individual newspapers, where someone sits down and editorialises about trade union activity and so on, only at the expense of a whole number of other things that could probably interest the wives and families of workers. I think this is a ... there's got to be a change that the trade union press has got to look at. But certainly the trade union press has a major role to play in the life of any union. You know I've heard workers say, "Well it was in the paper, in the trade union, in the ... in the Metalworker, so it's gotta be right." I don't say all workers say this but they certainly look towards the trade union press to give them the information that they really need.

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